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December 6, 2023

3 ways to Supercharge your virtual team with GoBrunch

Are you tired of the same old routine of working from home day after day? Do you miss the camaraderie and excitement of working in a physical office? Well, have no fear because I have a solution for you! Introducing GoBrunch, the innovative platform that can supercharge your virtual team and make work fun again. Here are 3 ways to Supercharge your virtual team with GoBrunch to create a more engaging and productive virtual workspace.

Create a Coworking Space

Virtual WorkShop on GoBrunch

Are you feeling a little isolated and unmotivated working alone at home? Why not create a virtual coworking space with GoBrunch? This feature allows us to work together in real-time, giving us the opportunity to collaborate and support each other. It's like having a virtual office where we can see and hear each other, just like we would in a physical workspace. Plus, it's a great way to stay on-task and hold each other accountable.

Recreate a Coffee Shop

Online Coffee Shop on GoBrunch

Are you missing the ambiance of a bustling coffee shop or those breaks in the office with your teammates? With GoBrunch, you can recreate this environment in a virtual space. Customize the background noise, add some music, and even display a virtual menu of your favorite drinks and snacks. This creates a more immersive experience that can help you stay energized and motivated throughout the day. Plus, with the ability to share screens and files, you can easily present and collaborate on projects with your team while enjoying a cup of joe.

Chilling Rooms

Online Chilling Room on GoBrunch

Virtual work can be stressful, and it's essential to take breaks to recharge. With GoBrunch, you can create virtual chilling rooms where your team can relax and take a breather. These rooms can be customized with calming music, virtual plants, and even activities like yoga or meditation. You can also organize watch parties for your favorite shows or movies, or even host a karaoke night to let off some steam. These fun activities can help your team bond and feel more connected, even when working remotely.

Physical team vs. Remote team

Physical Team vs. Remote Team

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in a physical office versus working remotely? There are pros and cons to both, and it's interesting to explore the differences. Let's take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of physical teams versus remote teams.

Physical Team:


  • Easier to communicate and collaborate in person
  • Opportunities for team building and socializing
  • Access to office equipment and resources
  • Sense of structure and routine
  • May feel more invested in the company culture and values


  • Commuting to work can be stressful and time-consuming
  • Distractions from coworkers or noisy environment
  • Pressure to conform to office norms
  • More limited flexibility in work schedule
  • Less control over work environment

Remote Team:


  • More flexibility in work schedule
  • Ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Control over work environment
  • Increased productivity and less stress
  • More opportunity for work-life balance


  • Communication and collaboration can be more challenging
  • Feelings of isolation and disconnection from the team
  • Dependency on technology for communication
  • Difficulty setting boundaries between work and personal life
  • Limited access to office equipment and resources.

So, which is better? It ultimately depends on personal preference and job requirements. Some people thrive in a physical office environment, while others prefer the freedom and flexibility of remote work. There are also jobs that require a physical presence, such as healthcare or construction, where remote work is not an option. But something that I'm really sure, is that this is the future of remote working and is taking more presence than ever before.


GoBrunch is an amazing platform for creating a more engaging and productive virtual workspace. Whether we're looking to recreate the ambiance of a coffee shop, create a virtual coworking space, or chill out in a virtual room, GoBrunch has everything we need to supercharge our team's productivity and morale. Even if you work in a physical office, with GoBrunch you can track your goals of the day, be more motivated and double your productivity.

Get Ready to Supercharge Your Virtual Team with GoBrunch: Let's Sign Up and Add Some Excitement to your Workday!

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