December 6, 2023

Create your own Online Community with GoBrunch

The Rising of Online Communities

Online communities are experiencing strong growth in a variety of forms, as more people turn to digital platforms to connect with others, share information, and find support. This growth trend is likely to continue as more people become comfortable with using digital platforms for communication and social interaction.

Some of the factors driving the growth of online communities include the need for social connection and support, the rise of remote work and digital collaboration. Niche online communities and professional networks have also seen significant growth in recent years, since pandemic COVID-19.

Using GoBrunch to Create a Virtual Community

In GoBrunch you can create a super interactive online community. The main idea behind it is to build relationships between members and create a sense of belonging. This can take your business and your brand to a new level.

I believe that communities are not only about providing a feed of messages but offering continuous live support, using your unique expertise that nobody has.

As an example, I recently created a community for “Live University”, and I added group meetings, classroom and mentoring sessions. It made it easier for the students to interact among themselves and with the professors. I needed to build a space where they could collaborate, share their screens, chat, and much more with all the features that GoBrunch can bring to us. Because of that, I created a super comfy space for them to study by using Gobrunch’s dynamic rooms.

Now, I’ll show you step by step how to create your own online community inside GoBrunch:

1.- You need to go to the homepage of GoBrunch. Choose the co-working option, because there you can have multiple rooms inside the same space. Place the name and after that you will see some questions, click in the option that fits better for you. Then, choose how many rooms you would like to have.

2.- Choose a room theme and click on “create”.

3.- You will see a window after you click on “create”. This is the “my rooms” option. Here you’re gonna click on the first room that you’re going to see in the list, that means that is the last one that has been created.

4.- Inside the room, click on a circle to sit. That is the main room of your space, and the best part is that all rooms are open 24/7. That means that you and your members can join at any time of the day.

5.- If you click on the “all rooms” icon you will see all the rooms that you have created in your space. You can navigate to all rooms and choose the one that you would like to join.

6.- When you join for the first time another room from your space, you will see that it’s already a background, and that it has some set-ups. But you can change the background with standard templates or customize the way you like, replace the logo, change the name of the rooms and much more. GoBrunch has multiple creative features, I recommend exploring the platform and live the experience by yourself.

If you feel lost, you can go here anytime you like and GoBrunch will be happy to lead you!

Regarding the steps:

7.- if you would like to set-up some options for your rooms: click on “this room” icon and next “room settings”. Here you can change the name and the background with standard templates for the room. You will see some options that you can enable or disable.

8.- Now, to replace the logo you click on the “+” icon where the GoBrunch’s logo is and upload a logo from your computer.

For the “Live University” community I made some rooms for: a study room, casual meetings and a coffee break area. If you would like to see how it looks, you can check out the tutorial video.

Would you like to go from one room to another like in the metaverse?

9.- You can connect all your rooms together and people can go from one room to another easily. Click on “this room” icon, next “background and editor”. Now you’ll see a panel and you click on the “add navigation” icon. You place each arrow for each room that you have in your space and link it. To link the rooms in each arrow you click in “click to link”, then “choose one from here” option. After that you scroll down and you will find all the rooms that you have created in your space. And all your rooms will be connected with the add navigation.

10.- If you would like to add a welcome video for your members, you’re gonna embed a video. Go back to the panel from “background and editor” again. But this time you’re gonna choose the option that is called “embed audio, video and more”. You’ll see a pop-up to paste the embed code from the video. When you embed a video, you can move the square and resize the corners to place it where you like the most inside your room. So, every time that a member enters your online community they can watch the welcome video anytime they like.

At this point, Your online community is almost done!

But you need to invite your members so they can always join. You can share your space or room link to any social media that has enabled the option to send messages. Something nice: you can customize your links anytime you like. In GoBrunch you can customize everything!

And that’s it! You just learned how to create an online community here in GoBrunch.

Would you like to build yours?

What kind of online community would you like to create?

Join GoBrunch today and take your business or start-up to the next level.

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Angela Silva

Marketing and Social Media

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