July 19, 2024

How Operations Can Help You Scale Growth with More Pleasure and Ease

Today's article features insights from Veronica Yans, a seasoned expert in business operations and founder of Business Laid Bare.

How Operations Can Help You Scale Growth with More Pleasure and Ease

Hey there! Have you ever feltlike your business is a wild ride you can’t quite control? Trust me, I’ve been there. It can feel like you're juggling a million things at once, and the idea of making everything run smoothly seems almost impossible. But here’s a little secret: with the right operations in place, you can scale your business with a lot more pleasure and ease. Let me tell you how.

Meet the Team Behind Business Laid Bare

Before diving into then itty-gritty, let me introduce myself. I’m Veronica Yans, the founder of Business Laid Bare. We specialize in whipping businesses into shape, whether you’re running a for-profit, nonprofit, or a mix of both. Our mission is to work with impact-driven changemakers and their teams to create profitable businesses that make the world a better place through streamlined operations and pleasurable processes.

The Reality of Running a Business

Not gonna lie, running a business is tough. Whether you’re a solo content creator, an influencer, or the founder of a growth-stage startup with a full team and investors, it’s inherently challenging. Many business owners think the solution to easing the chaos is making more money, hiring more team members, or investing heavily in marketing. While those can help, without streamlined operations, they often lead to more problems and less pleasure and ease.

Why Operations Matter

Operations are essentially the "how" of your business. They encompass the actions you and your team take, the automations you set up, and even the steps your clients or stakeholders follow. Efficient operations can save a business an average of20-30% of its annual revenue. However, based on our experience with hundreds of small businesses, I believe that percentage can be even higher. Many small but mighty teams of under 20 employees often struggle with operations, no matter their revenue size.

Understanding Systems and Processes

Here’s the thing about operations: they look different for everyone. And it’s not a one-time setup. Your business is a living, breathing entity, which means your operations need to evolve constantly. A system is a collection of similar processes, while processes are the specific actions taken by people, workflows, and tools working together to achieve a result consistently.

An Example: Running a Copywriting Agency

Let’s say you run a copywriting agency. There are three ways clients can work with you, which means you have three different sales processes. Your operations should include automated systems that allow you to focus on other aspects of your business without worrying about daily tasks. For instance, if a potential client wants to ensure your writing style matches their needs, you could set up a consultation call. Automating the booking, reminders, and follow-ups for this call means you’re not tied up in admin work.

Automating for Peace of Mind

Automation is a game-changer. When your operations are automated, you can go to bed, take a vacation, or focus on a keynote speech without worrying that your business will grind to a halt. Good operations and processes ensure that your business continues to function smoothly, money keeps flowing, and everything is under control even when you’re not directly involved.

Preparing for Growth Without the Pain

Prioritizing your operations is crucial for growth. This is something we emphasize in our programs and with our clients. We always ask, “What are your goals, and how can your operations support them?” Understanding and streamlining your processes can help you scale your business without the growing pains.

A Photographer’s Perspective

Let me share an example from a friend of mine who’s a professional photographer. She also runs a community where she teaches other photographers and creative business people to manage their businesses effectively. Creative folks often check out when it comes to operations and automations because they'd rather focus on their art. But having co-working sessions where they work on automating their processes or organizing their calendars can make a huge difference.

Continuous Improvement and Learning

My friend’s goal for 2024 is to continue growing her community while improving her own business operations. Teaching others helps her refine her processes, and vice versa. It’s a continuous cycle of learning and improvement. Just like her, you don’t have to be a starving artist. With the right mindset and operations in place, you can thrive doing what you love.

Empowering Creativity with Operations

We creatives often wish we could just make beautiful things and have the rest fall into place. But effective marketing and operations are essential. It’s not just about creating; it’s about ensuring that what we create reaches the right people and makes an impact. Teaching creatives to manage their businesses means they don’t have to be starving artists. They can pursue their passion and make a great living from it.

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your business operations, take a step back and assess how you can streamline them. Whether it’s through automation, better processes, or continuous improvement, efficient operations can help you scale your growth with more pleasure and ease. And remember, you’re not alone in this. There are communities and experts out there ready to help you whip your business into shape. Keep pushing forward, and let’s make our businesses not just successful, but also enjoyable to run.

About the Contributor: Veronica Yans, business operations expert and founder of Business Laid Bare. Connect on LinkedIn and visit her website.

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How Operations Can Help You Scale Growth with More Pleasure and Ease

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