January 19, 2024

My Dream of Building Communities, Now a Reality with GoBrunch

Building communities isn't just something I do; it's my dream, and it's turning into something real and amazing. Let me share with you how this dream is becoming a reality.

A Message That Lit Up My World

Last week, Tonia Fisher sent me a message that really hit home. She said, “When you speak of creating a community for others with GoBrunch, it is actually the GoBrunch community that is the shining example of what that means.” This message means a lot because my passion is more about building communities than just a platform.

More Than Just Technology

Sure, technology is cool and it helps us do a lot of things. But the real magic? It's in how people interact in spaces we create. It's about making connections and feeling like you belong.

Making Everyone Feel at Home

Imagine you're on a video call. How do you make someone feel at home, even before saying anything? It's tough, right? That’s because most video call tools are all about being more productive, not really about making connections.

Your Own Virtual Resort

Now, picture this: you have your own resort. What do you want people to feel when they visit? Maybe the scent of the ocean or the sound of relaxing music? It's about creating an experience, a vibe that makes people happy and excited.

The Magic of Creation

Seeing people enjoy and experience what you've built is just magical. That's what many creators and coaches have been doing with GoBrunch. They're not just using a platform; they're creating experiences.

Shout-Out to Some Amazing People

Big shout-out to Marissa Loewen, Peggy McCartha, 📸Michelle Dale, and many others who are rocking it with their own virtual spaces on GoBrunch.

Want a Taste of GoBrunch?

Curious about GoBrunch and how it can transform your community-building dreams? Drop me a comment, and let's take a tour in our virtual lounge. I can't wait to show you around.

See you there!

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My Dream of Building Communities, Now a Reality with GoBrunch

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