January 19, 2024

Starting a Business: It's Like Going on an Adventure with GoBrunch

Ever thought about what it's like to start your own business? It's kind of like going on a big adventure, but without a map and sometimes feeling all alone.

When No One Gets Your Cool Idea

You know when you have this super cool idea and you're excited about it? But then, when you tell people, they're like, "Why would anyone need this?" That's what happens a lot when you start a business. You don't have much money, and it feels like no one really listens or understands why you're doing it.

The Big Decision

When you have a dream, like creating something awesome or starting your business, you hit this crossroads. You can either give up 'cause it's really hard, or you keep going, knowing it's not going to be easy. It's a tough choice, but it's super important.

GoBrunch: From Just an Idea to Super Cool

Fast forward to now, and guess what? People think GoBrunch is genius! It's not like regular boring chat rooms or meetings. It's a place where you can have real talks, as long as you want, and it feels like you're at home, not stuck in a box.

No More Feeling Boxed In

With GoBrunch, you're not just stuck in a small space on the screen. It's like having this big room where everyone can hang out, talk, and have fun. It's way more natural and cool.

The Best Part of Making Something

The coolest part about starting something like GoBrunch isn't just about making money. It's when you see people actually using your idea and loving it. They're living the dream you had in your head, and that's super awesome.

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Richard Lowenthal

Founder & CEO

Starting a Business: It's Like Going on an Adventure with GoBrunch

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