January 15, 2024

The Mysterious Circle: Loneliness, the Universe, and GoBrunch

Have you ever wondered about the deep connections between shapes, feelings, and the universe? Let's dive into an intriguing story that ties a simple circle to loneliness, the universe, and an innovative platform called GoBrunch.

A Circle in the Universe: Carl Sagan's Insight

In Carl Sagan's book "Contact," the main character, Dr. Ellie Arroway, explores the mysteries of the universe. She studies the circle's circumference (π) in base 11 and discovers something mind-blowing: a circle within a circle. 🤔 This was more than just numbers; it was a universal message, suggesting that we're not alone in the vast universe. That's a pretty deep thought!

My Startup Story: From Loneliness to Connection

Just like Dr. Arroway, I faced my own kind of loneliness. That's why I started GoBrunch - to connect people and overcome that feeling of being alone. Interestingly, our symbol at GoBrunch is also a circle. Is this just a coincidence? Maybe, but it's a cool one!

Circles Everywhere!

When you use GoBrunch, you'll notice circles all around:

  • Click and Sit: People click on our circle to take a seat.
  • Webcam Circles: Everyone's webcam view is inside a circle.
  • Circular Logo: Our logo looks like a circular egg, symbolizing people gathering for Brunch. And yeah, I have a thing for Egg Benedict! 😂

Circles in Communities: A Symbol of Unity

In many cultures, a circle stands for equality and inclusiveness. It's a shape with no beginning and no end, representing unity and connection.

The Circle of Inclusiveness

In communities, especially online ones like GoBrunch, circles bring a sense of belonging. Everyone is equal, everyone has a voice, and we're all connected in this endless loop of interaction and fellowship.

The Universal Message

Just like in "Contact," where the circle hinted at a deeper connection in the universe, GoBrunch's circle symbolizes our mission to connect people. It's not just about preventing loneliness; it's about creating a world where everyone feels included and valued.

Keeping the Mission Alive

While the relation between a circle, loneliness, the universe, and GoBrunch might seem far-fetched, it's a fascinating thought. Whether it's a crazy coincidence or a deeper universal truth, one thing's for sure: I'm dedicated to continuing this mission of connecting people and transforming the world, one circle at a time.

Want to learn more about GoBrunch? Get started at

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Richard Lowenthal

Founder & CEO

The Mysterious Circle: Loneliness, the Universe, and GoBrunch

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