January 16, 2024

Why Do You Need a Community? Here Are 10 Reasons

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Hey there! Ever thought about why having a community is super important, especially if you're into business stuff? Here are 10 reasons why communities are awesome:

  1. You will turn your business into a subscription model, with regular income.
  2. You will maximize your time.
  3. You will offer your expertise in different forms, such as group sessions, training, body doubling, events and consultations.
  4. You and your members will feel less lonely and isolated.
  5. Your discussions will become more insightful as you'll have more people to interact with.
  6. You will help continuously your members to evolve
  7. You will not only educate, but build a culture, with your values.
  8. You will promote speaking opportunities within your members.
  9. You will feel surrounded all the time by people who trust you giving a sense of belonging.
  10. It's easier to get referrals.

More Awesome Reasons to Have a Community

Learn and Innovate Together

Communities are like group study sessions but way cooler. Harvard Business Review says you learn seven times more together than alone!

Everyone Sticks Around Longer

When people love being part of a community, they don't leave. The American Marketing Association says these folks often buy more stuff.

Different People, Different Ideas

You meet all sorts of people in a community, each with their own cool ideas. It’s like a box of assorted chocolates - every piece is a surprise!

People Love Your Brand

Communities make people love what you do even more. A study from the University of Michigan found that customers with strong community ties are three times more likely to keep buying.

Creating Together

It’s like doing a group project where everyone helps. Nielsen reports that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends more than ads.

Really Get What People Want

Chatting with your community means understanding them better, just like knowing exactly what your friend wants for their birthday.

Help Each Other Out

When someone has a problem, there’s always someone in the community who can help. It’s teamwork at its best!

Cheap But Effective Marketing

Instead of spending lots on ads, your community does the talking. It’s like having your own cheer squad.

Everyone Knows You

Active communities make you popular, like being the talk of the school.

Long-Lasting Friendships

Building a community is like growing a family of friends. It’s for the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start a community?

Just like starting a club! Find people who like the same stuff, chat on platforms they hang out on, and keep it fun.

Can small businesses have communities too?

Totally! Even small shops can have a cool community.

Is keeping an eye on my community important?

Yes, like being a good party host. Make sure everyone's having fun and being nice.

Do I need to meet my community in person?

Nope, you can keep it all online, like having pen pals from around

the world.

What if my community gets really big?

That's awesome, but remember, it's about having quality chats, not just a big group. Quality over quantity is key!

How to Build a Super Cool Community in GoBrunch

Starting your own community in GoBrunch? Here’s how to make it awesome:

Find Your Passion

First, decide what your community is all about. It's like picking a theme for a party.

Make Cool Virtual Places

Use GoBrunch to create awesome virtual rooms. It's like building your own digital clubhouse.

Have Fun Events

Plan events or meetups. It's like throwing parties where everyone learns and has fun.

Get Everyone Involved

Let your friends (members) lead their own activities. It's like letting them DJ at your party.

Share Interesting Stuff

Keep sharing cool things – like fun facts or quizzes. Keep it interesting!

Be Supportive and Friendly

Make sure everyone is cool to each other. It's about making sure no one feels left out.

Spread the Word

Use social media to tell more people about your community. It's like inviting more friends to your party.

Listen and Adapt

Always listen to what your friends (members) say and make changes based on their ideas. It shows you really care.

Building a community in GoBrunch is about having fun, learning together, and making something really cool. And remember, it's all about growing together!

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Why Do You Need a Community? Here Are 10 Reasons

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